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How to find a meaningful time for yourself

Kateřina Lubasová - Čas pro sebe

Time for myself. Many people talk about it, but few truly practice it. Interesting thing is that “time for myself” can mean many different things. Sport, piano playing, painting, dancing, cooking, gardening, walking, meditation, conscious work on yourself… 

In this article, we will focus on conscious time for ourselves, someone calls it inner time, deep time. It's the kind of time you dare to do nothing and you're just there. This time for ourselves is one of the most important essences of life. Without conscious time, we feel unfulfilled, life flows through our fingers and we still try to fulfil our tasks, the needs of others, but also the false needs of ourselves.

Feeling overwhelmed and unfulfilled

Do you know the feeling when you don't want to do anything anymore and you feel that it's just too much for you? Or maybe you feel that you do not want to pay attention to something or someone else, you need to regenerate a bit first, to gain energy. Maybe you have done everything you set out to do, your goals are fulfilled, but you do not feel satisfied. It is exactly in these moments that you need the aforementioned conscious TIME FOR YOURSELF. You need to pay attention to yourself, put yourself in the first place.

What can happen if you don't pay attention to yourself? The feeling of frustration deepens, the tension builds up and turns into explosiveness. People often react aggressively to their colleagues or their families. Or they will no longer be interested in associating with anyone. Everything loses quality.

How to make time for yourself

The theory above is nice, and I'm sure you've heard something like this several times. However, the problem arises when you truly want to reach conscious time. You may be thinking at this moment that you don't have time for yourself. You have many responsibilities and a calendar full of your tasks.

And at this point, it is important to stop. You need to realize that you don't need anything. You can just be and feel good for yourself for a while. The deep time I'm talking about right now is when you pay full conscious attention to yourself. It could be compared to meditation. No one and nothing bothers you and you just really allow yourself to be.

But how do you find your time? There are several tools to help you find a conscious time. You can go to psychotherapy, you can solve this situation with the help of coaching, where you will find your own solution, you can take a specific course, buy a book, etc. The options are not just a tool to help you find meaningful time. During these activities, you can spend time with yourself straight away.

For someone, a conscious time represents a walk in nature, swimming in a lake, watching the sunset, jumping or even doing nothing. The process itself is very individual and the important thing is that you relax during it and turn off your head. No matter which solution you choose, there is one thing you can do today. Decide to start changing your habit in small steps.

I have prepared a card for you, which will help you take the first step. You can download and print the card. Find a quiet place and answer the individual questions honestly.

Did you find your own answers to each question? If you want to discuss them furthermore, write to me at I will be looking forward to your ideas.

All information provided in the article is based only on my own experience and the experience of my clients. I am not a doctor and my texts are not intended to replace medical care in any way. If you are an expert in this topic, please contact me. I would like to know more and pass this information on to my readers.